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Sunday 15th April 2012
Jumpstart: Fuelling the R&D battery Courtesy:http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/how-to-jump-start-your-day/

Jumpstart, a member of ScotlandIS which already partners with Peak Performance, Johnston Smillie, Russel & Russel and William Duncan & Co to help business claim on R&D tax credits, has added Campbell Dallas to its partner membership.

The Scotsman reports  Brian Williamson, Jumpstart MD as describing the development as "an extremely important partnership. Campbell Dallas is keen to actively promote the advantages to clients of properly presented R&D tax credit submissions.

“The company is a specialist in its own area and wants to be seen to be prepared to employ specialists in other relevant areas.”

The agreemen also sees jumpstart linking with the UHY, the international network of accounting firms. Campbell Dallas is that organisation’s sole Scottish member.

Jumpstart, founded in 2009, is based on a Canadian business model has hundreds of clients, including BrewDog and Clyde Blowers, and aims to treble in size each year.

With a 31-strong team specialising in presenting “detailed, accurate and compliant” R&D tax credit submissions to HM Revenue & Customs and claims to have already saved clients more than £12m.

In last year's Budget, points out Jumpstart, the programme's benefits were increased by two thirds over two stages. This increase is of the same magnitude as dropping the top tax rate to 17.5%. But £1bn remained unclaimed by manufacturing businesses each year, because of a lack of understanding of what the rewards are for.

Jumpstart reported that, out of 100 client companies surveyed after last year's Budget, 92 did not claim because they did not think they were eligible - yet they received money after Jumpstart helped them with their claim.

The news that the credit is likely to be changed to an above the line credit will remove the perception that this "tax benefit" is a matter best dealt with by financiers rather than technologists.

Technology and taxation are an unusual combination and most companies feel inclined to ask for guidance from their financiers - yet it is the technology and its eligibility that will drive the £1bn into Scottish pockets.

This above the line change is subtle, but it will appeal to business people as they see their P&L change as a result of the innovation they have shown in the technical challenges their companies face on a day to day basis, says JumpStart. 

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