Japan honurs German quality

Thursday 31st May 2012
Automotive electronics. Courtesy: ko-ki.co.jp

Infineon Technologies AG has been awarded the “Excellent Quality Award” for delivering outstanding product quality during 2011 to Toyota Motor Corporation’s Hirose Plant. This is the sixth time that Infineon has received the award.

The Hirose Plant develops and manufactures state-of-the-art electronic components for Toyota vehicles, and these awards recognize the outstanding quality of the CAN transceivers that Infineon has supplied for many years together with its ongoing commitment to delivering zero-defect quality. 

This is the fourth time that Infineon has received the “Excellent Quality Award”, awarded to suppliers who have delivered zero-defect quality in one year. In addition, Infineon received the 2009 “Best Quality Award” awarded to suppliers who have achieved zero defects for three years running as well as  the 2010 “Honor Quality Award” awarded to suppliers who have achieved zero defects for four years running or longer.

“To receive the ‘Excellent Quality Award’ from Toyota Motor Corporation’s Hirose Plant is a great honor for Infineon, and strengthens our confidence in our commitment to delivering zero-defect quality,” said (left)  Yasuaki Mori, President of Infineon Technologies Japan.

“Our semiconductors play a key role in the electronization of vehicles and, as the leading supplier in the electric car market which is set to grow still further in the future, we will continue to strive to meet the exacting quality standards expected of us.”

Toyota’s Hirose Plant awards five categories of Quality Awards to its suppliers each year: the “Honor Quality Award” (awarded to suppliers who have achieved zero defects for four years running or longer), the “Best Quality Award” (zero defects for three years running), the “Excellent Quality Award” (zero defects for one year), the “Superior Quality Award” (for one defect within the year) and the “Certificate of Appreciation” (for two defects within the year).

Infineon is the world’s second largest automotive semiconductor supplier 

According to the latest report Strategy Analytics research report, Infineon is the foremost non-Japanese supplier of automotive semiconductors in the Japanese market, with a market share of 3.8%.

Globally, Infineon ranks number two in automotive semiconductors, with a 9.8% share of a market worth about US $23bn in 2011. In Europe, the center of innovation in the field of automotive electronics, Infineon has remained the unchallenged market leader for many years, and currently has a market share of 14.7%.

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