iolight: mighty mcroscope

Wednesday 10th May 2017
Good gear in sma' bulk

ioLight, the world's first portable high-resolution digital microscope emerged in 2014  to co-founders, Oxford physicists Andrew Monk and Richard Williams, who filed their patent application for a pocket-sized digital microscope with comparable performance to expensive and bulky laboratory scopes. ioLight also were also alert enough to ask Cambridge Industrial Design to design the scope, with a very precise briefing that the device would need to deliver one-micron resolution (to view human/animal cells) images onto either pocket-sized  smartphone or tablet, be easy to use, and economic to build in medium to high volumes.

"We recognised immediately this was a great idea,  but the design brief was certainly a challenge” says (right) Alex Jones, MD of Cambridge Industrial Design   “Fortunately, challenges can sometimes bring out the best in designers. The final design is a real success both aesthetically and ergonomically, and this award is a fantastic acknowledgement for the design process and the final product that we have created together with ioLight."

The iolight emerged for its premier at the London Vet Show in 2016 and  went on to win a European Product Design Award in 2017 which premiered at the London Vet Show last year. It has now won a   European Product Design Award 2017. And has also raised a further £320K in equity funding on the Crowdcube platform.


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