Inspiring women & great databases

Monday 28th August 2017
Thalamus rates well

Gaberlunzie was really pleased that someone appreciated the article on 50 inspiring women. He is a great promoter of women's skills and abilities.

"Hey," writes Garrett Gan, (right) "Loved your article on EU: 50 Inspiring women: Compute Scotland. I saw that you linked to                    in the article, and thought you might be interested in another great resource that could be useful to your audience.

This resource Thalamus is a database of all advertising companies & publishers in the world, with data & contacts for over 50,000 vendors across the globe. Eg.

Best of all - it's 100% free! I think you'll find it a terrific tool, and if so, we'd greatly appreciate if you'd be able to list us as well as a resource on your page.

Gaberlunzie is very happy to oblige!




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