If the Scottish Funding Council proposes: who disposes?

Monday 19th October 2009
Courtesy: http://www.sfc.ac.uk/news_events_circulars/Consultations/2009/SFC0509C.aspx

The Scottish Funding Council is proposing, to put it mildly, a rather radical shift in University finances and another radical slant on the subjects that will be financially attractive for Universities to focus on. The critical figures are represented in the two accompanying tables. The Scottish Funding Council consultation only runs until December 4th.

Sunday HeraldScotsman and The BBC have all reported on the issue.  Anyone who cares about Scotland's education and skills, and  the future of its Universities is urged to read the document and respond, stating clearly whether the response represents the views of a specific organisation or whether you are writing in an individual capacity.

By post to:
HEI teaching funding subject price groups consultation
Scottish Funding Council
Donaldson House
97 Haymarket Terrace
EH12 5HD

By Email: heipricegroups@sfc.ac.uk

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