Ice Warp, Ubuntu, Sound AmpR & Sencha Touch

Wednesday 9th May 2012
A graphic map depicting the epic struggle of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) against the Empire of Microsoft. Software Wars

New spring software involves dual software messaging; dual core Ubuntu; hearing aid sensor apps and HTML 5 web ware.

IceWarp Server V10.4 just released integrates corporate e-mail applications with popular social media platforms to give organisations qualitatively new capabilities to handle extremely heavy e-mail traffic. 

The new version’s updated Desktop Client allows users to communicate from a secure console with their Facebook, Skype and Gmail contacts, but no mention of LinkedIn. In addition to a robust Web Client, the solution  integrates with Microsoft Outlook, making it a viable alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

“IceWarp is riding the software consumerisation trend, making corporate messaging as reliable and easy to use as popular personal technology,” says (riight) President Ladislav Goc. “But we are not forgetting the basics: the product’s consecutive versions can consistently handle higher e-mail traffic with more speed and reliability. IceWarp’s ISP clients worldwide are especially appreciative of this capability.”

IceWarp UK clients include Toyota GB, the British Army and London School of Commerce and J Murdoch Wight , Edinburgh.

Smart phone drives computing
Canonical is to release Ubuntu for Android, and OS that turns your phone into a full desktop computer when docked and connected to a monitor, so you smartphone could become your primary computer.

Ubuntu sits alongside the standard Android OS,  sharing the same Linux kernel. Similar to Motorola's ATRIX 4G that becomes the engine for a desktop or laptop PC when slotted into an external dock, docking Ubuntu for Android device with a USB HDMI dock  sees it automatically boot into Ubuntu. Connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and you've got fully functional desktop environment.

All that's needed is a Dual-core 1GHz CPU, Video acceleration: shared kernel driver with associated X driver; Open GL, ES/EGL Storage: 2GB for OS disk image, HDMI: video out with secondary frame buffer device, USB host mode and 512 MB RAM

Sound solutions
While digital hearing aids have done much for the hard of hearing, the NY Times reports on a variety of sound technologies from one user who, finding a hearing aid not good at voice distinctions in a busy coffee shop environment,  has taken as his solution a pair of in-ear earphones used with a directional mike to his iPhone, which has an app to amplify and process sound. One app he uses is soundAMP R

For earphones, he uses the in-ear Etymotic Hf5.  For cellphone calls he can transfer to his hearing aid and a companion device worn around the neck that receives Bluetooth audio from the phone and transmits it to the hearing aid.  And at home for TV watching his hearing aid telecoil picks up sound directly from a simple wire loop from Contacta the Swedish designed intercom that he’s connected to his television aerial.

HTML5 for nextgen applications
Web warriors move to Secha Touch as HTML5 increasingly becomes the accepted basis for next-generation applications, Sencha claims over 350,000 community members now registered, a global developer base of more than 2m developers in 201 countries.

Mobile developers lead the growth in adoption of Sencha technologies, with downloads of Sencha Touch, the Sencha framework for mobile HTML5, now approaching one million — adding to the nearly five million combined downloads of Sencha technologies.

Over 50% of the Fortune 100 use Sencha technologies for their mission-critical desktop and mobile web applications and SAP is partnering with Sencha to offer its users high-performance mobile HTML5 

user interfaces for SAP business apps, enabling SAP developers to take advantage of Sencha frameworks to create high-quality mobile apps for  business.

Michael Mullany, CEO of Sencha (left) said “In just the last two months, we have released our next-generation HTML5 platform comprising Sencha Touch 2, Sencha Architect 2, Sencha GXT 3, and a significantly enhanced Ext JS… and launched the Sencha Certified Partner program and a completely revamped SenchaDevs ” 

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