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Monday 18th January 2016
Made in Scotland, large tree sized, small sized wind turbine

Gaia-Wind’s 133 small wind turbines, designed in Denmark (described as similar to a large tree) and manufactured at Port Dundas, Glasgow, recently sold two units to Japan, to be distributed by YBM Japan Inc, part of Gaia-Wind’s network of resellers with a team in Tokyo winning a contract for a further eight units. Gaia expects to export more than 100 turbines to Japan over the next year.

Designed  to operate in moderate wind speed areas of approximately 4.5-7.5m/s or 10-17mph the G-W 133 is located in over 500 sites worldwide. Customers find installing one or more  turbine an easier and more convenient way to generating ROI than with medium wind turbines. Gaia units are ideally suited for working farms, businesses, rural properties, and community projects.

Gaia-Wind CEO (right) Johnnie Andringa said the contract had set the Japanese venture off on a flying start and the first of many. Gaia-Wind 133 claims to be  the quietest wind turbine in its class. Due to  constant speed rotation and  design,  the turbines allows for much easier planning flexibility. 

The company has sold turbines in UK and Europe, Israel, Australia,  USA and Tonga, winning accolades as one of the fastest-growing, privately owned companies in the UK.

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