Holyrood business area close to capacity

Monday 31st March 2008
View from Holywood park to Fife over the Firth of Forth, north from the Scottish Parliament building. Source: http://picasaweb.google.com/

The Holyrood area in Edinburgh, following the opening of the Scottish Parliament, has seen its office supply approaching full capacity with number of key commercial developments taking place on the former Holyrood Brewery site, and a major office block in the area reaching full capacity after the Scottish Building Federation and software company Corelogic move into Crichton Close.

The Scottish Building Federation will lease part of the ground floor and all of the first floor of Crichton Close or 2992sq ft of Crichton Close for £52,256 per year, while social care software firm Corelogic is to move on to its second floor, 1086sq ft at £19,005 annually.

In February, Midlothian Council selected Corelogic to  deliver a complete management information system for their community care, children and families, criminal justice services and social care business management services.  The Council found that the existing number of disparate systems could not  address the pace of change being set by the Scottish Government in relation  to eCare, Community Care:  a joint future, ‘Getting it Right’ and the  changing nature of the national reporting requirements. Carelogic's framework provided the management information system that could support Council's business and service needs.

Other firms or groups that have moved to Holyrood in recent years include the Scottish Parliament, the Macdonald hotel chain, Citigroup, BBC Scotland, The Scotsman Publications, the European Parliament, the General Medical Council, Ledingham Chalmers,  and the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries.

Property experts say that the original masterplan for Holyrood, drawn up by Edinburgh architect John Hope, has led to the regeneration of the site taking shape. Business groups say the success of the area is a further sign of the expansion of the city centre.

Edinburgh University has also unveiled an ambitious £50m masterplan to transform its Holyrood and Pleasance campus. New shops, cafes and bars are proposed, along with offices, apartments and student flats.

Ron Hewitt, chief executive of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, said: "I think the fact that it sometimes takes a while for new initiatives to fill up reflects the careful approach of Edinburgh's businesses in getting things done.


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