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Monday 6th June 2016
Heat Spot map may appear fading, but arrow in to results.

 An interactive infographic on the top cities for startup success in the UK in 2016 has emerged from Kaizen Search. The infographic is based on data of growth in the start-up industries over the last 2 years. The map presents a heat map of the areas seeing the most growth.  And as if to complement this comes Artegic's identification of the five elementary trends in the marketing field which companies will have to face in the coming years.

A quick look at Vonnage notes that Glasgow and Edinburgh and Aberdeen to name but three can all be heat examined!! W orth some pondering is Artegic identification of 5 elementary trends high time-to-market pressures in this transformation that will be accelerated by a market, where market entry barriers are lowered through digitalisation, new business models become possible and changes in value chains. 

The transformation will also be accelerated by the growing pressure on companies for profitability; by increasing demands of customers who are used to be mobile, always on, linked, social, prepared to switch and increasingly used to best-in-class user experiences. Marketing Engineering - the ability to achieve quick results in a complex digital transformation - will become a future challenge.

  • Customer-centric Experience - The Digital Dialogue Takes the Lead in the Transformation
  • Responding to Behaviour in Real Time - From Campaign Management to Realtime Marketing Automation
  • Smartwatches, Wearables & Internet of Things - New Terminal Devices, New Touchpoints, New Connections
  • Geo-fencing, Beacons, Location-based - Mobile Contexts and Touchpoints Set the Time
  • The End of Unilateral CRM - Taking Into Account The Complexity of Customer Relationships

All five trends are a free e-book download

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