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Wednesday 30th November 2016
Glasgow young gamers. Courtesy

Back in September, Code Clan declared its intention of opening Glasgow offices. Now that plan is endorsed by the launch of two new Glasgow scholarships for 2017  To celebrate our first birthday and the launch of our first Glasgow course in January 2017, we’re offering two half scholarships, each to the value of £2,250, for two new students

Following our hugely successful first year in Edinburgh, which has seen more than 160 students embark on our intensive 16-week course, we’re expanding to Glasgow’s Tontine in the heart of the merchant city from January 9th.CodeClan is aware that a lack of funds can be a barrier to anyone looking to begin our course, which is why we hope the two scholarships will encourage more talented students to take up an exciting new career in Scotland’s tech industry.

All the ambitious prospective software  folk need to do is list:

  • What project would you create with the skills that you learn on the CodeClan course?
  • What are you hoping to get from a career in programming that you’re not currently getting from your current job or career path?
  • Send answers of no more than 500 words in length each, as well as a CV, to
  • NB  Pre-course work will start before the 9th of January in order to prepare you for our first week of lessons on campus.
  • Pre-course work can be completed at home in approximately 3 weeks
  • It  gives  insight into Ruby and coding before delving deeper into the curriculum when beginning the course on 9th January.

Below courtesy: Code Clan Edinburgh Offices. Transferable Skills make Perfec Tech.

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