Game for it? HA! 

Wednesday 4th January 2017
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No, they aren’t talking about “put your phone down, dear, while you are eating your supper” but about drawing together the various elements of advanced semiconductor technology that will go into Home Automation (HA)!  At CES 2017 US Bridgetek Solutions will demonstrate its game-changing PanL HA approach. 

This all-encompassing platform is for users to finally be able to control the various lighting, air conditioning, heating and security systems that are present in their house/apartment, via one single point of contact. And just think, when that crashes, what an exciting time you are going to HAve!

Currently the HA market is very disjointed. Systems from different manufacturers each rely on their own proprietary control technology and need users to access a multitude of specific apps. This is both inconvenient and highly frustrating comments Bridgetek that argues users want to be able to centralise control of these functions, rather than having separate stand-alone controls for each respective system.

PanL home automation hubs comprise an array of different wireless and wireline connectivity options - including Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2, Zigbee and PoE-enabled Ethernet (100Base-T)  giving users the scope to connect with numerous systems simultaneously. The processing capabilities derive from the Bridgetek FT900 series of 32-bit micro-controllers. Inclusion of one of the company’s 2ndgen FT813 EVE (Embedded Video Engine) with high resolution graphic controllers in each unit, provides for the HMI (human machine interface). 

This provides simple and intuitive control, provides the user with access to rich graphical content and multi-touch functionality. Another benefit of PanL’s centralised approach is it allows coordinated operations of different systems (e.g.  lighting and heating brought on at the same time). Furthermore data from different systems can be consolidated  (allowing parameters like overall household energy consumption to be monitored).

 2017 will see the PanL portfolio expand making use of the modular framework and further developments will result in additional wireless technologies being integrated into the platform,  enabling direct cloud connection.

Cloud Homes, however, is actually  UK based offering property agency, property management and customer service.  Wonder what they provide in the automation field? The UK market to date is been neatly summed up by Live Smart in its Home Hub UK!


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