Gaberlunzie catchup on doodles, iTunes and forensics

Tuesday 20th March 2012
Courtesy Google creators

Gaberlunzie started to collect Google doodles when St Patrick's day launched with its impeccable Celtic Google, only to be rushed off his feet adding Mother's Day and the Spring Equinox. He hope you enjoy his hard work

By the way, he also has to record that  Apple caused a very charming Irish voice to come onto his phone, and  whothen managed to recreate Gaberlunzie's iTune account and he finds to his delight that he hasn't lost any money.  

So to his pleasure he does have enough to go buy an  e-book. He's been pondering The Folk by Zena Henderson, but actually is not going e-book shopping on line at present, as he thinks his local book shop may need all our  footfalls, if bookshops are going to survive extinction.

Talking about extinction, there's another issue he needs to clear up.

 Its about those corkscrew cuts on dead seals.  Back in 2011, Compute Scotland ran a piece on the then forensic hunting for a corkscrew cut killer of seals.

A recent programme on the Greenland shark as the corkscrew tear killer, which was picked up in August 2010 by by the BBC News Scotland seems to him to answer the problem.  I f you take a look at the teeth (right) , those are real grab and pull types and its quite logical that the edible seals get corkscrew tears.

What has not been raised  however is the inference that if these northern Scottish seals are being hunted by presumably hungry Greenland shark, it  suggests devestating  overfishing sufficient to have left very little for edible  these sharks to need to be trawling in such  very distant waters.

 It  doesn't auger well for the  potential fish stocks in northern waters, let alone for the indigenous Scottish seal population.



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