Five hours a day: ageing

Wednesday 6th March 2013
Courtesy NESTA:

NESTA has produced an excellent infographic on the seven generations that are daily becoming longer-lived and it speculates on five major issues which will require systemic innovation for this ageing population tsunami

  • Social places: mobilising people to help one another so that older people can live well and independently for longer.
  • People power health; bridging the social into the medical by combining clinical expertise with self-management and peer support to improve health outcomes
  • Purposeful work: new employment option that enable people to work purposefully and enjoyably in the second half o life.
  • Plan for life: creating a sense of opportunity as we enter the second half of life - a chance to take stock, reskill, plan ahead for later years, connect with others and live more healthily
  • Living room enabling older people to live where they want through new housing models which compose high quality accommodation with friendships and support.

NESTA: Five Hours a Day

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