Entrepreneur starts game rolling for Scottish girl geeks

Wednesday 10th February 2010
Courtesy: Wild Pockets.

The first of the Girl Geek Scotland dinners in 2010 launched in Dundee yesterday addressed by computer games entrepreneur Shanna Tellerman. The Geek dinners are now planned for Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Tellerman, (right) CEO of Wild Pockets , the games development platform,
spoke at Dundee Contemporary Arts about how she became “an accidental entrepreneur.”

Wild Pockets is described as a relative newcomer to the middleware market... "has done a phenomenal job with Indie game developers. They are unique in that they not only offer developers a complete suite of free development tools that includes a 3D game engine, they also have built-in microtransaction capabilities, hosting services and game analytics. In addition to all that, in early 2010 they will also have real-time collaboration support for remote team development. "
Tellerman explains, "With our built-in Virtual Currency for microtransactions, a developer can easily drop the tags right into their game code. Then it's up to them to figure out how much they want to charge for different items. And with our analytics and metrics tools a developer can track the success of each game, analyse what users are doing with your content, and what areas of the game they like." 

“The opportunities for women and the impact they will have on the future of technology is tremendous – we need to get more women involved at every level," said  Tellerman at the Dundee dinner.

“It is important for more women to study computer science and engineering, start companies, enter into traditionally male-dominated tech industries like gaming, and get even more women funding companies as venture capitalists. Organisations like Girl Geek will be the drivers behind making this happen.”

The Girl Geek Scotland organisation encourages women to make their mark in creative technology and is holding a series of Tuesday dinners in 2010 in Edinburgh 9 March, Glasgow 13 April, and Aberdeen 13 May.

About time for Inverness, Perth, Stirling and St Andrews to spread into the dinner venue scene. What, really no girl geeks in those locations?


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