Electronics: printed,graphene, harvest &store, wireless sensors, supercapacitors & electric vehicles

17/04/2013 - 18/04/2013

International Congress Centre, Berlin

Printed Electronics held by ID.TechEx in Berlin celebrates a decade's existence and is to be co-located with Grephene LIVE! Energy Harvesting & Storage, Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS, Super-capacitors and Electric Vehicles, Land, Sea & Air.

The conglomerate of ID.Tech.Ex conferences that certainly have links within electronics and technologies but is packed into two days of either focused specialisation, or cross technology border hopping in mid April.

Printed Electronics Europe 2013 
Graphene LIVE! Europe 2013  
Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2013 
Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS Europe 2013 
Supercapacitors Europe 2013
Electric Vehicles: Land, Sea & Air 2013 

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