eCow: steers and stud bulls

Tuesday 5th January 2016
Dairy cows: Courtesy: Google search

Precision Dairy Farming, the conference, being held in the Netherlands from 21-23 June 2016 and sponsored by eCow, will be a venue where the recently developed Hathor data viewer will be on display. Recently trialled and approved with new antenna design, this allows consistent download of data from both beef steers and stud bulls.

eCow originated in Scotland by founder and chief engineer Toby Mottram,  will be  showcasing eCow’s  rumen pH bolus  and a new app Virtual Vet  and  disclosing new and innovative ways people are enhancing dairy farming and hopefully presenting new data in a conference paper.

eCow previously found that the larger amount of muscle and subcutaneous fat found in other types of cattle, such as beef steers, prevented acquiring a strong connection to the bolus,  often making data collection impossible but recently eCow has made improvements to the system  to mitigate this issue.

“Last year eCow sold more boluses than any previous year, many  from repeat customers.  It developed the Hathor data viewer and continued to improve the entire Hathor platform, trialled and approved a new antenna design which for the first time allows consistent downloads from beef steers and stud bulls,” says (left) Motram.

“One of our testers in Ireland recently inserted a bolus into a stud bull, that  has given consistent readings, providing 40 days of continuous pH and temperature data in a scarcely studied environment. As well as this a customer of ours has recently deployed 50 boluses, the majority of which were in beef steers, and that has also been successfully performing data downloads throughout the herd.

“We now believe we’ve significantly improved our system to the point where other types of cattle, including stud bulls and beef steers, are a viable candidate for eCow boluses.”


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