Drone exerciser: cat, dog & yourself?

Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Only £79.97

Gaberlunzie has a great weakness for felines that can hold their own again canines any day. However looking at Drones idea of amusing cats has him pondering about a robot dog exerciser! Digging, he discovers that's where it's going, though that price isn't set yet! Can't wait to see what the ultimate human exercising companion will be like.

  • Keep your cat entertained with the ultimate pet toy
  • A great way to play and keep your cat healthy and active
  • Capture your cat playing using the drone's built-in 2MP camera
  • Collision avoidance technology to safely fly indoors
  • Auto altitude hold to maintain a steady flying level
  • Aerodynamic design for quiet and smooth flying
  • Includes one bag of catnip, three toy danglers and a dangler attachment
  •  Ideal for beginners and experienced pilots    Courtesy: Trendhunter

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