DOT.Scot wants 40 million signatures

Sunday 25th September 2011
Directors of the .Scot registery Courtesy:

Supporter totals to date are 69 organisation and 914 individuals Scots in America, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Belgium, Germany, France, England…and Scotland who have already signed up.. Quite a way to go!!

But if we get there .Scot will give people, organisations and businesses the opportunity to clearly identify themselves as Scottish - (now, would that be Celt, Pict or Viking?) .Scot websites would offer a unique branding tool for businesses and a clear cultural identifier for people in Scotland and in the wider Scottish diaspora.  

.Scot’s are for people and groups that:

  • Contribute to Scottish social, cultural, business or academic life;
  • Utilise the spoken and visual languages of Scotland;
  • Explore Scottish heritage;
  • Have made Scotland their home.

There are in excess of 40m Scots worldwide and .scot will give them a tool for identification and promotion says the site. But curiously though "Our FacebookPage and Our Twitter Feed are out
there along with ICANN, EuroDIG and ECLID," not a single mention of  the likes of our KILTR!

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