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Wednesday 6th March 2013
MIT's 50 disruptive technologies http://www2.technologyreview.com/tr50/2013/

Gaberlunzie is really intrigued by the graphics that are emerging in the business and technology world. MIT's 50 disruptive companies are just such an interesting brood and a good check as to whether you are in the know (He has six to go and rub up on!!) but depressing if you notice that none are UK based.

The really disruptive news is that only six  are European based, and  those are located two each in Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands. 

ABB, Zürich, Switzerland. “Perfecting a circuit breaker for high-voltage DC lines—a crucial step for widespread use of renewable energy.”

Audi, Ingolstadt, Germany. “Pushing autonomous cars closer to fruition with a laser-scanning road detector that fits in a vehicle’s front grille.”

Novartis, Basel, Switzerland. “Developing a continuous drug-manufacturing process that could combine compounds quickly and in novel ways.”

Philips Amsterdam, Netherlands “Making efficient LED light bulbs affordable and more useful. One new bulb can be controlled by phones and tablets.”

Siemens Munich, Germany “Developing batteries and wind technologies that will be crucial in Germany’s plan to rely more heavily on renewable power.”

 uniQure Amsterdam, Netherlands “Restoring the promise of gene therapy. Dutch company has approval to treat a rare metabolic disorder.”

Well as we're looking at an MIT study, and we don't make the disruptive grade, Gaberlunzie went to look at World Whisky Day.  We should surely be able to be disruptive  over that? 

Or perhaps we should just enjoy ourselves at some Museums and music?  Gaberlunzie's taken a fancy the USA  Smithsonian as very cool  with its Art of Video Games.  He was sent a link to experience a blast from technology's past and visit The Museum of Endangered Sounds and  picked up on an app that lets you change the musical instruement.

Last but not least, he's celebrating the OG joke!!


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