Data storage beta trials get planning for Mac users

Wednesday 19th March 2008
Servers stored like bullion: Courtesy:

Online storage service, today closed its beta phase after six months of testing and product development. Over 100,000 users have already signed up and are storing 89.9TB of content from word documents to videos and music.Founded by Dan Conlon the site was set up as a means to provide an easy to use, safe and secure storage space for personal files, accessible from any computer or a mobile phone. Offering 30GB free space with an option to purchase more, gives users space to store and share data nomatter where they are.

It negates the inflexibility of leaving your data at home or at the office and the risk of loss, theft or damage that comes from taking your files around with you in your pocket or on your laptop. offers a unique set of features to suit a data and web-reliant society:

  • Directly share their content with friends
  • Automatically embed a media player in emails and on social networks like Facebook and MySpace by which to display media content
  •  Stream content to a mobile phone, with automatically detecting the capabilities of the phone and sending media to it in the correct size and format for optimum digital enjoyment
  • Edit documents online from any PC - ensuring that the latest version of any file is available wherever the user is

As well as being accessible through the website interface, users can access their storage space through the downloadable client, which mounts as an extra drive on their PC. Files can then be dragged and dropped as suits and accessed even when the PC is offline. Available now for Windows, a Mac OS X client will be available in the near future.

"The beta phase has been really successful," says Dan Conlon. The fact that over 100,000 users are already storing such a huge amount of data shows the demand for a secure, easy to use service. The majority of the services out there at the moment are pretty exclusive in terms of their usability. We designed for the average computer user whether it be our parents storing photos or kids storing music.

"If people actually calculated the financial and sentimental value of the data that they keep on their computers, I think they would be surprised. Storing copies online will provide insurance against disaster," he says. takes all possible measures to ensure the security of user data including 256-bit encryption, firewalling, and a partitioned network. In addition,'s servers are stored in a former Bank of England gold bullion vault with bomb-blast corridors and blast-proof steel gates. was founded by Dan Conlon, a dotcom entrepreneur who sold his
first business to Pipex, where he became MD of Hosting. The business is
privately funded and has experienced growth of 510% in the six months to
February 2008.


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