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Thursday 30th March 2017

As GDPR is in the limelight currently The Royal Mail offers a FREE data base audit, while some research shows how organisations can lose as much as 6% annual revenue by not having clean data. The new report is essential reading for marketers and data professionals. It aims to provide new insights to help build a business case for driving marketing performance and business growth by improving customer contact data quality.

Here are just a few of the key findings:

  •  Customer churn is at 19.8% and showing an upward trend
  • 52% of companies cite new customer acquisition as their biggest marketing challenge
  •  Customer data quality is getting poorer with sharp increases in problem areas such as incomplete and out-of-date data

· With the clock ticking on compliance withGDPR, addressing the problem of poor quality, un-permissioned contact data is high on the agenda for many organisations . And, as the GDPR deadline grows closer, there is a risk of individuals becoming bombarded with permission requests and choosing to decline/ignore.

Is your repermissioning strategy underway?

Data Cleaning  Prior to carrying out a data cleanse, our preference is always to run a free-of-charge audit on client data, in order to give a fully detailed, bespoke report on any quality issues and the relevant costs for putting things right....Obviously, looking at price lists is not particularly helpful, as one can have no idea of data quality without looking at the database concerned. Similarly, comparing prices between cleaning companies is pretty meaningless, as file matches will vary considerably, depending on the cleansing hierarchies used by the different organisations.

Royal Mail  Healthcheck Reports are designed to give a rounded overview of what is possible in terms of data enhancement, thus empowering you to maximise the effectiveness of your data - and therefore your communications by mail - in line with your priorities and indeed your budget. I am sure you are aware, there are numerous implications associated with conducting mailings using an inaccurate database, including wasted time, resource and money, as well as negative customer perception. However, the elements of the Healthcheck ultimately incorporated into any data cleanse are of course down to you.

A CAMEO Group level client profile is included and the associated data enhancement costs are supplied in a supplementary document. If you choose/can afford to go ahead with the cleanse once the audit is done, there is a minimum order charge of £1,000+vat to cover the data processing and support costs.


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