Coining space: Expensive

Friday 7th April 2017
The costly significance of size and how the cashless card may be the end cash machine parking

Gaberlunzie likes the odd chat with telephone engineers and was querying what the black and yellow stripe boxes were along road edges in sections of Edinburgh. He was very intrigued to find that of course, despite the beauty and non-fake characteristics of the new £1 coin comes a slightly expensive knock on effect! As a canny Scot he can only council that "good gear gang in sma' bulk"

What happens to the historic and wonderful Fruit, Slot and Games machines? Supermarkets are having to change their £1 trolleys?

The Telegraph reports that The British Parking Association said machines in rural areas were at a greater risk of not being ready for the change because being older, are less likely to be modified in time, and with some designs being at risk of being too archaic to modify at all.

Dave Smith, a spokesman, added that some councils were considering making parking machines cashless instead, as introducing tap-and-go technology may be cheaper than altering the shape of coin slots.


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