Clouds jostle for SMEs

Tuesday 5th March 2013
Courtesy: AVG Infographic

The latest British Standards ICT news for March 2013 is, not surprisingly, an amazingly fine endorsement for AVG Technologies, since the lead story is on "Clouded judgement holding back the SMB market."

A recent report from Six Degrees Group is now followed by an ISO link to a recent report  from AVG  endorsing  SMB reticence over Cloud Service as the Cloud Accounting Institute enters its second annual Cloud benchmarking survey.


 AVG Technologies  states that many small to medium-sized business in the UK and US are missing out on the benefits of cloud technology due to confusion and uncertainty. The organisations that took part in the study were unsure of how cloud services worked or felt they were only for large organisations.

The assumption that cloud is only for larger companies, AVG believes, means that SMBs are missing out on the productivity increases and cost controls that some cloud-based solutions offer. The study found just a quarter of SMBs had adopted some form of cloud services, while a similar proportion (22% in the UK and 17% in the US) thought cloud services were only for large organizations.

More than three quarters of SMBs in both the US and UK claimed they are open to technology that makes their life easier, and are, in fact, dependent on large amounts of technology. Significantly, however, a substantial proportion of SMBs in the US (42%) and UK (52%) said they are dealing with IT issues themselves, including security and spending up to four hours a week in the process.

In addition to a lack of understanding, other factors cited were cost, lack of trust and the belief the services were too complicated. One in three SMBs said they did not understand cloud services at all. This research highlights the need to educate SMBs about the benefits that the right cloud services could bring to their businesses.

Due to the common misconceptions around cloud and other security related issues, BSI is currently working in partnership with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) currently outlining the notorious TOP 9 top cloud computing threats) to develop a third party certification scheme based on ISO/IEC 27001.  Information technology.


In order to provide additional reassurance on the security of a cloud service provider, together we have developed the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) and ‘STAR’ Certification.

This will ensure that an organisation has addressed the specific issues which are critical to cloud services and that these are independently checked and verified by a third party.  

BSI will be providing a 1 day course on early stages which will be available from April. Further details on the course, training and certification scheme will be communicated shortly. 

it has also published Cloud computing ‘A practical introduction to the legal issues’ by Renzo Marchini. This practical handbook takes an in-depth look at the factors that need to be taken into account to ensure data protection and data security in the cloud.

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