Cloud trials for NHS records

Monday 20th June 2011

NHS patients could have control over their medical records and the power to decide who has access to their data resulting from a pilot scheme at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital working with Edinburgh Napier University and Livingstone-based Flexiant to use cloud computing services to speed up communication between patients, consultants and GPs accessing files via the internet.

Researchers at Napier University are to trial and  show how the paper-based system could be replaced with an e-health platform using Flexiant reports the Financial Times.

Flexiant founder Tony Lucas, said hosting the data in the cloud as soon as results were published meant the patient could go online, access and share them in real time with everyone who needed to see them.

“They will be able to invite their GP, consultants, health carers and family members – people they trust and who need to know the results,” he is quoted saying.

The scheme could solve many of the problems with electronic patient records at the NHS, including a lack of common patient record standards and the inability to share data between different parts of the health and social care domains.

Professor Bill Buchanan at Edinburgh Napier University, emphasised  security when he said the current infrastructure in the UK often meant data were not used effectively between GP, hospital and assisted living.

The project, due to go live next month, uses a “patient simulator” to creates patient records with various clinical parameters as body temperature and blood pressure, to represent different illnesses and showing how the service can be used in clinical diagnostics, with risk assessment or early warning score to identify problems.

Flexiant enjoys 2011
Earlier this year one of Denmark’s largest and fastest-growing hosting providers Netgroup  chose Flexiant's Extility as the platform for all its cloud services. The licensing deal enabled Netgroup to respond rapidly to the explosive increase in demand for cloud solutions it is now experiencing in Denmark and beyond.

Flexiant claims to have launched Europe’s first cloud platform, FlexiScale. Based on pioneering, the Flexiant Extility software provides all the tools necessary for a company, such as Netgroup, to create and run a cloud platform, while allowing it to leverage existing software and hardware investments.

According to Robert Karssiens, Flexiant’s director of sales and marketing: “The key requirement for any cloud platform is that it enables, through a high degree of automation, a company or hosting provider to respond rapidly to changes in customer demand and provides absolute clarity around how that platform will be monetised and consumption measured."

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