Clean Brexit washing

Friday 3rd March 2017
Procter & Gamble: 1 Euro = 1 Pound

Gaberlunzie went to do the weekly shop and having been specifically told to get washing powder , but with no specific brand demanded, he opted for Fairy Dry Tabs.

It was only when he unpicked that box did he discover the news that Dry Tabs are to be discontinued" in favour of joining the world of washing capsules!! `
New Fairy Non Bio Liquitabs are our softest ever!" gushes the literature. " They contain softening fabric balm to smooth fibres which makes clothes feel cuddly soft for sensitive skin.

Then the coupon turns into a money spinner! You can have £1 off your next purchase of Fairy Non Bio Liquitabs and there's also a coupon for €1off  as well!

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