Can smarter software save children?

Thursday 28th February 2013

A new software application used to identify potentially vulnerable children and being developed in Scotland to help protect children from abuse and neglect, Barrachd (an IBM hardware vendor that has focused on unique software) is working with a number of Scottish councils to prove that vital information, previously missed, can be gathered and consolidated using analytics to aid social care with vulnerable children

Barrachd  work is  on similar lines to IBM ‘s Predictive Analystic application that can disclose young adults  not in education, employment or training (NEET).

Recent studies have show that in many neglect cases, the failing in vulnerable ones was a result of relevant information not being joined up together. The Barrachd Vulnerable Children Application has been developed using sophisticated software tools as well as  working jointly and drawing on the know-how of experienced social workers.

The Barrachd team application enables authorised professionals,  given appropriate consent, to view relevant information about potentially vulnerable children,  allowing them early intervention.

At ‘Neural 2013  in the Dynamic Earth Centre on the 7th March, the first council implementing this technology, Stirling,  will talk about how the tool works and the steps that were taken to put this in place.

Also speaking at this event are guest speakers Major Chris Hunter QGM and Jade Nimmo.

Hunter has served in the most hostile locations around the world, during an extraordinary career in the Army and talks about the importance of clear and reliable information when disarming bombs.

Jade Nimmo holds the Scottish women’s long jump record and is preparing to compete in the Commonwealth Games 2014. As a chief sponsor of Jade we are delighted that she will be giving a talk during her preparations for the games, in what has already been a successful year.

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