Briggs Marine seal £100m Navy deal

Monday 31st March 2008
The Kingdom of Fife joins Briggs Marine & Environmental Services

Burntisland firm Briggs Marine and Environmental Services say the contractis to provide navigation buoy maintenance and mooring support for the Royal Navy has secured the long-term future for the company. The contract will involve Briggs working with the Navy for the next 15 years, has seen £1m of new investment at their Burntisland facility and will see the development of a purpose-built handling tug.

A 62 metre Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel with prestigious Dutch shipbuilders Damen. The vessel will be named “Kingdom of Fife” and is due for delivery during May 2008. The Kingdom of Fife is equipped with 340 tm and 120 tm deck cranes, a double drum towing winch, tugger winches, containerised dive spread, and dp-1.

The highly manoeuvrable vessel is fitted with two controllable pitch propellers in nozzles, high-lift rudders, CPP bowthruster and two Caterpillar engines producing in excess of 5,400 hp specifically designed to reduce carbon emissions without compromising performance. The vessel will primarily service the targets, buoys and moorings of the Royal Navy entering the Future Provision of Marine Services contract during July.

MD of the Briggs group, Collieson Briggs said: "I have worked on deck handling boats, in the yard and now in the office. For me, winning the MoD contract has to have been the best time ever. We had been working on that for nearly five years and when it was finally signed just before Christmas it was such a relief."

He added: "Global warming and the growth in renewables will mean sustainable growth for us over the next 15 to 20 years. There are very few companies in the UK that could be put into the small conglomerate market.

"It is very rare in the UK and overseas most of the firms are bigger but we pride ourselves on providing high-quality service on time and budget.

The Briggs website which offers its pages in Spanish, Russian and Arabic  as well as England, is one interesting  indicator of its quality service to global markets.


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