Bridge technology through thin film integrated passive devices

Monday 13th July 2009

Yole Développement has released a new marketing & technological study dedicated to integrated passive devices, IPD 2009 Report exhaustively listing the existing and upcoming technologies and applications for IPDs. It also provides a broad overview of the thin‐film IPD market and its forthcoming growth opportunities. The authors are Jean‐Marc Yannou and Jérôme Baron.

From a commodity technology initially developed to replace bulky discrete passive components, thin‐film integrated passive devices (IPD’s) are now a growing industry trend driven by RF, ESD & EMI protection, high brightness LEDs, digital & mixed signal applications.

Yole’s new research study on TF Integrated Passive and Active devices estimates the total IPD market to grow from more than $600m this year to over $1bn by 2013. Whetherto reduce space on the app board,  enhance performance or reduce cost at the system level,IPD’s are spreading to most electronic sectors,  low volume to mass market business in aerospace, military, medical, industrial, lighting, communications, and PC applications.

Over the past few years, IPD’s have become an essential enabler of System‐in‐Packages (SiP) realisations. Looking to tomorrow, IPD’s are paving the way to the bright future of the “More than Moore” and heterogeneous integration, as they contribute greatly to bridging the increasing gap between the  shrinking geometries of CMOS IC’s and lagging packaging technologies.

IPD’s enable assembly of increasingly complete and autonomous systems with integration of diverse electronic functions as sensors, RF transceivers, MEMS, power amplifiers,power management units and digital processors.

At the frontier between the back‐end and the front‐end of the semiconductor industry, TF IPD’s are poised to extend the use of wafer‐level packaging (WLP) and through silicon via (TSV) technology platforms to many IC package solutions as well as to the discrete passive component industry.

A “bridge platform”, IPD’s involve the complete semiconductor value chain: equipment; material providers; fabless semiconductor players; integrated device manufacturers; CMOS foundries; MEMS players; substrate suppliers; and OSAT industry, are all concerned by the need to increase their value proposition in the future through the extensive integration of TF integrated passive and active devices.

In this report, are comprehensive links between different IPD technologies and each of their applications. Market share, supply value chain and strategies of the current major players and those looking at entering this business have been identified.

IPD technology trends, manufacturing options and challenges to be addressed are discussed and detailed. A complete market segmentation for the commercialisation of IPD’s is proposed. Market forecasts and attached growth rates for each segment are provided for 2008‐ 2015.

IPD 2009 Report has been realized for different types of companies. For example, this technological and marketing analysis can be useful to IPD manufacturers. With IPD 2009 Report, they will be able to evaluate the market potential of their technologies and products; position companies in the value chain and the market and monitor and benchmark the competitors.

Integrated semiconductor device manufacturers will also be interested as IPD 2009 provides them with the list of the top IPD players and helps them define their own IPD strategy for System‐in‐a‐Package integration. Examples are also very meaningful for assembly & test service companies, electronic module makers and original equipment makers (OEM), equipment & material manufacturers, and PCB manufacturers.

Source: Yole

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