Brexit behaviour?

Friday 23rd December 2016
Touchdown: which Brexit ?

Sturgeon's soft Brexit plan was generally not greeted with joy in the UK. The press took a variety of angles on why they disapproved. Noting the comments to a Berlin friend on this, Gaberlunzie then received a stunning Infographic, which he thinks might interest some Compute Scotland watchers.

In a fascinating exercise of newspaper commentary "The Herald" declared Sturgeon's soft Brexit plan labelled complete madness after 10 year delay Nicola Sturgeon's soft Brexit plan labelled "complete madness" after 10-year delay emerges. The Telegraph noted that Sturgeon's single market demand will be used by the EU to punch UK at Brexit. Gaberlunzie was then sent an absolutely absorbing graphic information on how papers and journals are judged by political lean and empathy or dislike!! Enjoy this as his Chrismas card to you as he's taking time off to enjoy stormy weather, with a good book, a warm fire and Slainte! All the best in the New Brexit year perhaps?





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