Beware the Ides of IBM and Legacy issues

Friday 21st July 2017
Statista chart/9017/ibm-revenue

Legacy computing? This is defined as a boardroom problem and not an issue for geeks. When new equipment is bought the older machines (often complete with historic data) are simply shunted into storage or scrapped. Legacy issues or mode refers to the firmware. Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) was the first popular firmware for desktop PCs and itroduced by IBM in 1975 for its CP/M OS. Although it is still widely present, computers have developed and evolved tremendously, with BIOS being unable to provide the advanced features of modern hardware.

IBM recently  reported its second-quarter earnings showing that  its revenues declined roughly 5% since Q2 2016. As the Statista chart shows, that was its 21st straight quarter of year-over-year revenue decline. Big Blue generated $19.3 billion in revenue in the last quarter. and is trying hard to turn its  focus into such areas as cloud computing, or “strategic imperatives,” as IBM calls them, although growth also slowed in the recent quarter, resulting in a stock price fall.  Cloud business has grown 15% year-over-year. Interesting to see if IBM can get a grip on the  legacy of selling of PC workstations and servers which impacts on overall performance. 


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