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Monday 4th March 2013
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Dr Hermann Hauser from Amadeus Capital Partners and Warren East from ARM Holdings are now in the ranks of BCS Distinguished Fellows joining such august personnages as Grace M Hopper, Iann M Barron, Bill Gates III, Sir Tim Berners Lee and Vint Cerf.

Dr Hermann Hauser is widely known as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist and primarily associated with Silicon Fen. Co-founder of Acorn Computers in 1978, leading the development team to the production of the BBC Micro, which later led to the spin out of ARM.

His vast experience includes developing and financing companies in the  IT sector having founded and invested in over 25 technology companies in the UK and US including ARM, E*Trade UK, Cambridge Display Technology, Virata, and many more. 

He has also funded the Hauser Forum a new Cambridge building accommodating the Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre and the "stepping stone between Cambridge research and business”.
David Clarke MBE, the Institute’s Group CEO says of the award: “Dr Hauser has arguably done more than any individual in the UK to establish and support companies providing much of the contemporary innovation in the professional sector of the BCS.” 

Warren East joined ARM  from Texas Instruments in 1994 and after a variety of leadership roles was appointed CEO in October 2001. 

A Chartered Engineer, Fellow, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute.

East has been a member of the UK Trade & Investment executive board for Technology, responsible for driving the UK’s trade and investment objectives in the telecoms and IT sectors. He is a non-executive director and chairman of the Audit Committee of De La Rue plc.
Clarke says: “Warren East is one of the UK’s most influential UK technologists, regularly topping the polls. He is an inspiration to business leaders, innovators, and academics alike.”
The BCS introduced the Distinguished Fellow award in 1971 and it is presented from time to time in recognition of notable service to the advancement of computing.

To date only 26 men and the elite and incomparable Grace M Hopper have been selected for the title! 

BCS Distinguished Fellows list.

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