Back to the i6 drawing board

Saturday 2nd July 2016
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In February this year, Accenture, and the Scottish Police Authority agreed to rescope the i6 project aimed to replace more than 120 IT-and paper-based systems for Police Scotland. Four months later  mutual agreement is reached between the stakeholders, including Accenture, to end the operational system agreement and reconsider the IT options. 

A joint statement from Police Scotland, and SPA noted that the review, supported by Accenture had looked at alternative options for the programme. "Despite the best efforts … it was clear that the technical solution cannot be delivered within expected timeframes and budget. The decision has the refore been taken to end the contract and reconsider options for securing a sustainable IT solution for policing," said the statement.

SPA  noted "The contract has been ended and a mutually agreed settlement has been signed by all parties. The terms of the agreement are commercially confidential, however we can confirm that the settlement results in no financial detriment to the police budget. SPA believes the decision to end the contract at this time is the right one."

"As with any programme of this nature or size, an independent review to ensure the SPA and Police Scotland learn lessons from this project will be initiated. This will inform our options for a sustainable IT solution going forward and which we would expect to see emerging in the months ahead. Work is already under way to set out a vision and strategy for policing over the next decade and will also heavily inform next steps."

Deputy chief constable (left) Iain Livingstone said the terms of the deal were "commercially confidential". "While the delivery of the i6 solution will now not go ahead, we are committed to delivering a sustainable policing model supported by modern technology and will work with the Scottish Police Authority to ensure this is delivered in the most efficient and effective way," he said.

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