Australia: Tesla battery backs-up Grid

Friday 7th July 2017
Tesla battery storage system Courtesy: Gizmodo

Gaberlunzie takes his hat off to the Tesla's Powerwalls that have found their way into homes, A major selling point being the way they can keep homes up and running during  powerouts. Now the goal is to to extend functionality to an entire Australian state,  building the world's biggest battery storage system to keep homes powered.

I n September last year, a massive storm ravaged South Australia, disrupting the state's electricity grid and leaving some 1.7 million people without power. Another storm caused December blackouts and a heatwave knocked it out in February this year.  In March the state government announced plans to "take charge of the state's energy future." Building a large battery storage system was key part of that idea.

Tesla has the contract that will use a scaled up version of the company's commercial Powerpack energy storage system. It will be, in effect, the largest lithium-ion battery storage facility in the world at 100MW and output of up to 129 MWh.

The Powerpack system will be hooked up to the Hornsdale Wind Farm under construction near Jamestown , storing energy for on-demand delivery to some 30,000 homes. The hopes are that the system will help alleviate power shortages and make the grid better able to handle on-peak demands.

Elon Musk himself (left) bragged that the system would be up and running within 100 days or it's free!  Tesla has set completion for December.

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