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Wednesday 15th August 2007

The Open University in Scotland is providing a new financial support initiative
for the priority areas of mathematics, computing, science and technology.

8 August, 2007

This will  provide up to £300 towards the cost of studying partime with th eOU, including help with course fees in all OU suject areas.

Two types of funding will be availabe from the open University for undergarduate courses beginning between August 2007 and July 2008. For people with a household income of up to £30,000 (more for those with dependents) £200 towards the cost of most OU courses. Open to everyone up to £100 towards the cost of most OU maths, computing science and technology courses.

Peter Syme, Open University's Scottish Director says that research shows there is no shortage of motivated people in Scotland keen to improve skills and prospects by getting back to learning. "Many of them are prevented from achieving their potential by the cost involved.  While the government’s fee waiver and Individual Learning Account schemes are a real help for those in the very lowest income bands,  research confirms that finance is a significant barrier for people at all income levels. 

"A review is under way which may offer an improved support package in 2008/09.  In the meantime, it is essential to Scotland’s economic prosperity that we continue to encourage and support people to develop their skills through part-time learning.  That’s why the OU is making this additional support available from our own resources, with extra help for maths, computing, science and technology courses which are of particular economic importance,"

The £100  bursary for maths, computing, science and technology courses is available for all the OU’s undergraduate-level 30 point and 60 point courses in these subject areas, and  open to everyone irrespective of their income level.  This includes courses in astronomy, oceanography, music technology, engineering, environment, programming, web design, and from January 2008, the OU’s new flagship introductory science course, Exploring Science.

A financial award of £200 for people with household incomes up to £30,000 covers OU undergraduate-level 30 point and 60 point courses in every subject area.  This includes arts and humanities, health and social care, languages, and social sciences courses, as well as maths, science and technology courses.

The cost of maths, computing, science and technology courses included in the initiative range from £315 to £640, which could mean a reduction of up to nearly 80% off course fees.

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