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Tuesday 20th December 2011
Courtesy Google

Gaberlunzie delighted to see Let it snow is still there today, on screen but thankfully not on window!

He got a  tip off to the soporophic  purring fur  and a long press release about how Mad Lips just rocketed to the #2 chart position in iTunes to prove Italians are still finding new ways to laugh in spite of the looming debt crisis. With all the talk of austerity and financial turmoil, humour still has a place in politics.

Well try the term "Mad Lips" in Google and this is the first frivolity - a word game  Well you only get to see the one word with the option to look at the others..

I'll never forget that      wellies     breeks     hoolet     nicht     fleg     een     cack     gutters     glaur     burn     wheesht      I went poaching with Tam. The      wellies     breeks     hoolet     nicht     fleg     een     cack     gutters     glaur     burn     wheesht      was so thick, you'd've needed four pairs of      wellies     breeks     hoolet     nicht     fleg     een     cack     gutters     glaur     burn     wheesht      to see anything. There was nothing to be heard, save the water running in the      wellies     breeks     hoolet     nicht     fleg     een     cack     gutters     glaur     burn     wheesht     . Suddenly there was a noise from above us. What a      wellies     breeks     hoolet     nicht     fleg     een     cack     gutters     glaur     burn     wheesht      I got!
I thought I was going to      wellies     breeks     hoolet     nicht     fleg     een     cack     gutters     glaur     burn     wheesht      my      wellies     breeks     hoolet     nicht     fleg     een     cack     gutters     glaur     burn     wheesht      . "Haud yer      wellies     breeks     hoolet     nicht     een     cack     gutters     glaur     burn     wheesht      " Tam hissed, "It's just a      wellies     breeks     hoolet     nicht     een     cack     gutters     glaur     burn     wheesht     ". We crept on and I was glad I had my      wellies     breeks     hoolet     nicht     een     cack     gutters     glaur     burn     wheesht      on, for the      wellies     breeks     hoolet     nicht     een     cack     gutters     glaur     burn     wheesht      were everywhere.

"Who's there?" came a voice from ahead. "Run!" said Tam, as he      lowp     semmit     Gamie     claes     loch     Ghillie     dram     knackered     scarpered     drookit     oxters   . "It's the      lowp     semmit     Gamie     claes     loch     Ghillie     dram     knackered     scarpered     drookit     oxters   !". I took off in the other direction and ran straight into the      lowp     semmit     Gamie     claes     loch     Ghillie     dram     knackered     scarpered     drookit     oxters    I was absolutely      lowp     semmit     Gamie     claes     loch     Ghillie     dram     knackered     scarpered     drookit     oxters    through to my      lowp     semmit     Gamie     claes     loch     Ghillie     dram     knackered     scarpered     drookit     oxters    and up to my      lowp     semmit     Gamie     claes     loch     Ghillie     dram     knackered     scarpered     drookit     oxters    in water.

Fortunately, the      lowp     semmit     Gamie     claes     loch     Ghillie     dram     knackered     scarpered     drookit     oxters    was going after Tam, so I managed to get away. I began to      lowp     semmit     Gamie     claes     loch     Ghillie     dram     knackered     scarpered     drookit     oxters    home, absolutely      lowp     semmit     Gamie     claes     loch     Ghillie     dram     knackered     scarpered     drookit     oxters , and took off my wet      lowp     semmit     Gamie     claes     loch     Ghillie     dram     knackered     scarpered     drookit     oxters    before having a      lowp     semmit     Gamie     claes     loch     Ghillie     dram     knackered     scarpered     drookit     oxters . Never again, I thought.

But if photoshop superimposing is more your things, then the next on the Google search list at number2 is Mad Lips, which might be more your thing!!

Mad Lips is a free app that brings still photos to life by superimposing talking lips on top of regular pictures. Users can make the pictures do or say anything and can make short animated video clips. Italians have been using Mad Lips to create political satire videos that have been going viral.

“Mad Lips is a great tool for satire,” said Sean Levin, founder of Affective Apps and the creator of Mad Lips which works in 2 ways. A user can directly record any video message and superimpose it over any picture or a user can capture any previously recorded video or speech from YouTube and superimpose that on top of a photo.

It's also running on Facebook

Or there's an absolutely new take again, courtesy Google, with a children's game  that might just be the best of the lot at the Christmas party!!


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