Anticipating a global spread of "wheat stem rust"

Monday 25th September 2017
Wheat Stem Rust courtesy University of Cambridge:

Study at Cambridge University identifies the likely scenarios for the global spread of the devastating crop disease "wheat stem rust"


New research reveals the most likely months and routes for the spread of new strains of airborne ‘wheat stem rust’ that could endanger global food security by ravaging wheat production across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the wider world.

Gaberlunzie having mislaid his password for Alpha Galieo, cannot access this story.  But if AlphaGalileo eases up with a passwordm he will fill in the missing details of something that sounds as if it needs global alerts

Back i n 2013 experiments by scientists at the John Innes Centre, Norwich, discovered that plants have a built-in capacity to do maths, which helps them regulate food reserves at night, the research suggested with UK scientists say they were "amazed" to find an example of such a sophisticated arithmetic calculation in biology. Mathematical models show that the amount of starch consumed overnight is calculated by division in a process involving leaf chemicals, the John Innes Centre team reported in an  e-Life journal. Fingers crossed again a global spread of the stem rust disease.

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