Android users gets Play Protect security

Thursday 20th July 2017
Google's Play & Protect

News broke earlier today that in an effort to keep Android users safe from malware on their phones, Google is rolling out its Play Protect security features to all devices running Google Mobile Services 11 and up. Google says it’ll automatically scan apps from the Play store that are installed on your phone to ensure there’s no funny business; apps that don’t play nice will be blocked or removed from your device.

Commenting on this, Giovanni Vigna, CTO and co-founder of Lastline said:  “Continuous monitoring of Android applications by Google is going to improve the security of the Android ecosystem. Having a global view of what’s installed on mobile phones, regardless of the vendor, is a first step towards having better visibility into global malware activity, something that Apple has been able to do since day one, because of the homogeneity of the iOS platform.”


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