Alphabets, wordle and Bath Spa awards

Saturday 30th June 2012
The alphabet as it is taught today

Gaberlunzie is still trying to get to grips with Sketch Book and Stickman and Muybridgizer,saw there was a MoMA museum app, but he thinks he'll stay content with browsing the Moma's Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language.

He loves the MoMA museum but the iPhone app  in the iTunes Preview had that stickyball quote "Nicelydesigned, but lacks basics,"  according to Raul Gutierrez. Having loved MacPaint (thank you for that Andrina!)  and recently discovered free MacPaint X  (how could the app not have undo/duplicate and, what is slow line drawing, when it's at home?) is happy just to browse Google alaphabet graphics. 

In the MoMA exhibition, "the letter, the word and the phrase are seen and experienced, and not necessarily read. Physicalized, transcribed into sounds, symbols, pictures or patterns, scrambled, or negated, language is freed from the page as well as from its received meanings, received forms, and, in some cases, the duties of communication altogether.

Working with language has also created an opportunity for artists to move more freely among disciplines, and this exhibition includes work in a range of mediums by artists who are also poets, writers, performers, and graphic designers. 

Well, for alphabet browsers just try  the host of alphabet offerings  in Google, from the brown stick form to the Urdu curlyiques and a Hanzi graffiti font alphabet  are only some of Google's 39 mind-dazzling pages!

All these alphabets of course stirred in Gaberlunzie an interest to see how Wordle is thriving and he accordingly he wander along to  Wordle  to discover to his absolutely enormous joy that if you have a blog, or website that has RSS feed and you put the line into that page...ah, ha, yes, here's the current ComputeScotland wordle...the colour could have been played with  (blue's and greens probably) but Gaberlunzie was just so exited, he grabbed the Wordle and ran!!

But for the music fans,  look no further than Bath Spa University which has awarded Miller Puckette  with an honorary degree. Gaberlunzie really likes the strategic spread of Bath Spa University has awarded!! They include the computer musician, a shoe designer, a choir leader and musician, and even a director for a Centre of journalism. Gaberlunzie does so like a catholic approach.

Miller Puckette has been awarded an honorary degree by Bath Spa University to be presented by Vice-Chancellor Professor Christina Slade at the University’s graduation ceremony on Saturday 21 July 2012 in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to computer music research.
Miller Puckette is known as the author of ‘Max  and ‘Pure Data’, two seminal and widely-used software environments for live computer music.

After studying mathematics at MIT and Harvard University and conducting research at IRCAM (a centre for computer music founded by Pierre Boulez based in Paris), he joined the music department at the University of California where he is now professor and chair of the department. He has also written extensively on techniques for analysing and synthesizing sound with a computer, and on real-time human/computer interactions in musical performance.
Commenting on his award, Miller said: “This is a great honour, particularly coming from Bath Spa University which is widely known as an important centre of computer music research.”
The University has also awarded honorary degrees to:
• Mary Berry CBE, British cookery writer and TV cook.
• Manolo Blahnik, Spanish shoe designer. • Grenville Jones, Choir leader and musician.
• Professor Ian Hargreaves CBE, Director of Centre for Journalism at
Cardiff University.

Commenting on the awards Vice-Chancellor Professor Slade (right) said: “At Bath Spa University we fosteran ethos of creativity, culture and enterprise, and we want our students to become global citizens, ready to make a difference.

There can be no better inspiration for them than these internationally respected figures, and I am delighted to welcome such worthy recipients to our fellowship of honorary graduates.”

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