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Thursday 17th November 2016
Intel HPC AI

While IBM opens its prize competitions for AI development, Intel launches its Artificial Intelligence, debuting a DLIA (Deep Learning Inference Accelerator) card that is an FPGA  (field-programmable gate array)-based hardware and software solution for neural network acceleration. It now has an Arria 10 FPGA optimised for targeted topologies of convolutional neural networks and it claims will become available by 2017.

Intel HPC Orchestrator was expected reports  HPC Wire,  as Intel was a driving force behind the creation of  June’s  OpenHPC, formally  a Linux Foundation Open Collaborative Project that introduced its first 1.1. version. The aim is that by providing this open source HPC software stack and associated tools, HPC use will be increased, particularly in the enterprise environment. There were  concerns over Intel’s prominent role,  with IBM even declining to join, but  the presence of the Linux Foundation and its credibility has eased this  and ARM is an enthusiastic member to support OpenHPC v 1.2.0.

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