Acrylic: impacts food & beverage

Tuesday 27th June 2017
Carville clarity: benefit of clear optical path achieved by acryllic

Sample testing for composition, purity, contaminants and critical factors is a vital part of most industries in this area, including milk, other dairy, feed, oil and beverage production.  This testing is often achieved using non-contact, light-based emission and receiving sensing technologies at various wavelengths.  These all require a clear optical path directly to the substance, which can be achieved using clear plastic components.  For example, very subtle but important characteristics in wine and beer production are monitored using Near Infrared (NIR) and Infrared sensors, and similar sensors are also used for Ketosis level monitoring in milk.

Precision-machined acrylic components are being increasing used for these applications as a single component can be manufactured to channel the fluid, mount the sensor and integrate with the complete system.   Carville have been providing precision plastics to this industry for many years, supporting a number of the leading companies in this field in both Europe and the USA.  Clients also like the assurance that the materials are food safe so Carville source FDA 21 CFR 177.1010 approved Acrylic and 177.1580 approved Polycarbonate that are Food Contact Substance (FCS) certified. 


 Precision-machined plastics have many advantages over injection-moulded solutions for these kind of applications, which include the following:

  •  Huge flexibility to create complex solutions with multiple wall thicknesses and intricate details.
  • Superior optical properties
  • Low investment cost
  • No draft angles required
  • Frequent design modifications possible
  • Fabrication options
  • Multi-Layer fluidic manifolds
  • Vapour and manual polishing
  • No injection mould inlet gate or ejector marks
  • Moulded components tend to be more suitable for high volume components where unit cost is particularly critical and the above factors are less important.






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