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Tuesday 17th January 2012
Street cabinet for fibre Courtesy:broadband-finder.co.uk

Commercial broadband speeds are dwindling behind those piped into residential premises, leaving people at work struggling to get the sort of speeds they enjoy when using the internet at home. Business telecoms Abica says this is a costly problem that the smaller business community cannot afford to put up with and offers to rectify the problem.

Colin Copland (right)  product  manager at Abica, says: “Businesses are worried that interfering with theirexisting set up will disrupt their daily activity and may create problems. The truth is that by sitting on a slow or patchy connection, businesses are doing themselves a lot more harm.”

Ironically it seems many SMEs are scuttling their own ship and that the problem is driven by commercial inertia. Many businesses are too happy to stick with the devil they know and are afraid to move to a new broadband provider. This is leaving them marooned from the superfast speeds available.

By contrast homeowners are not prepared to put up with slow internet speeds and are highly mobile when it comes to changing provider and seeking out faster and more consistent connectivity levels.

Increasingly businesses are uploading and downloading huge amounts of information on a daily basis. Cloud computing, online backup services and video conferencing are all part of the day's commercial environment, but without consistent broadband speeds operating at even a basic level can become problematic. More business services are being deployed on a remote basis and so the need for high broadband speeds is only going to rise.

Copeland urges that moving to broadband providers that offer ‘fibre to the cabinet’ solutions will improve connectivity speeds and consistency. In short ‘fibre to the cabinet’ means the broadband is delivered through fibre optic cable instead of copper cable for a much larger part of its journey. This dramatically increases the speeds available and products are not necessarily more expensive than existing broadband products nor does moving provider have to lead to any interruption in internet usage.

He adds: “For companies moving on to our ‘fibre to the cabinet’ solution, there will be a connection fee of £40, but we will handle all of the work around the move. We will liaise with their IT support team and can move the hosting of web services if needed and take care of everything around their domain name services. The process can be done quickly, easily and without any loss of internet access.” 

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