28 Year matures Holosync treatment

Sunday 5th November 2017
Graphic clarity for brain waves

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2007 had researchers declare  Holosync  First, trait anxiety levels of Holosync users showed  significant improvements (over a short two-month period). If they had followed these Holosync users for a few years, says Bill Harris,  they would have REALLY seen some change.

Trait anxiety is where you tend to feel anxious often, on a day to day basis, in many different daily situations……as opposed to state anxiety, which is temporary anxiety experienced in a specific situation you (and most people) see as potentially dangerous.  Holosync lowers anxiety by calming the limbic system, that primitive part of the brain that creates... ...the well known "fight or flight" stress response. Using Holosync, trait anxiety is dramatically reduced. And, the more deeply one goes into the programme the lower anxiety levels becomeS. 

Imagine, a life without anxiety! Second, scores on the World Health Organisation Quality of LIfe inventory also significantly improved after just 60 days of Holosync use! Third, total “mood disturbances” went down a significant amount – as did confusion, anger, and hostility – while vigour increased!  Who wouldn’t want a significantly higher quality of life, and significantly LESS bad moods and other negative states? 

Further, Holosync users in the study showed improvements in “enhanced awareness”. which is no surprise since Holosync users have given similar feedback for 28 years. Rereading this study,  Harris  (right) felt a strong motivation to do something to celebrate the 28th Anniversary here at Centerpointe, and  re giving a "celebration gift": of a  HUGE discount. Users have probably already experienced many benefits from Holosync use. You may not realize that as you continue to each new Deeper Level….the Holosync becomes stronger,  dramatically increasing and enhancing the positive changes you already experience.

As a result, those things that throw you off and make life more difficult……dissolve, until they’re no longer a part of your life. So, for the next several days...the cost of Holosync Deeper Levels by a huge amount (in fact, the lowest cost in the 28 years we’ve been in business) I’m also lowering the cost of the Centerpointe Inner Circle, where you get a HUGE discount s(when you get all 12 Deeper Levels in advance).

(The payment plan allows payment  over a full 10 months.)  These are (by far) the lowest prices ever offered for Holosync Deeper Levels… which should make it super-easy for you to move on to your next Holosync Deeper Level.

Are you curious to find out …what will happen when you move on to an even more powerful Holosync level? Good things, Harris promises.Finally, there’s an extra-special 28th Anniversary bonus.  Being keept it a secret for now. Those who paid for it in the past, though, paid $1,200.00. Many said it was the most amazing experience of their entire life. Clicknow to get the full details about the huge discount and all the other stuff you get.



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