£250m to create new wave of scientists and engineers

Monday 8th December 2008
Courtesy: Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council

EPSRC is to provide £250m fundeding for 44 new centres of doctoral training which will train over 2000 PhD students over the next five years. Out of the 44 Universities, Scottish prospective PhD strengths are seen as optics and photonics, condensed matter physics and wind energy systems, which go to Heriot Watt, St Andrews and Strathclyde Universities respectively. Sadly no industrial centres made it to Scotland and no-one managed to bid for skilling wave and tidal energy experts.

Heriot-Watt University gets its Engineering Doctorate Centre in Optics and Photonics Technologies: the University of St Andrews gets the Scottish Doctoral Training Centre in Condensed Matter Physics  while University of Strathclyde gets a Doctoral Training Centre in Wind Energy Systems.

Centres for doctoral training
The multidisciplinary centres bring together many areas of expertise, building relationships between teams in universities and with industry. Students receive taught coursework to develop their technical knowledge and broaden their skills as well as carrying out challenging PhD-level research projects.

Professor Dave Delpy, chief executive of EPSRC, said: “People are the heart of our future strategy. EPSRC centres for doctoral training expand our existing training portfolio, focus on priority themes for the UK, emerging and multidisciplinary research, and greater collaboration with business.”

Industrial doctorates
The initiative is widely supported by business and industry, and 17 of the new centres will be industrial training centres working closely with businesses.
Professor Jeremy Watson, global director research, Arup, said: “Businesses like Arup need a good supply of highly-qualified scientists with the right skills to further innovation in the design of sustainable towns, cities and the wider environment. They need to understand how business works and also be able to turn their best ideas into a successful business proposition.”

Building on success
This new investment builds on the success of the centres we have already funded: thriving Engineering Doctorate centres and doctoral training centres in complexity science, systems biology and the life sciences interface. The new and existing centres tackle some of the biggest challenges currently facing the UK including climate change, energy, our ageing population and high-tech crime.`

EPSRC-funded centres for doctoral training provide a supportive and exciting environment for students to carry out a challenging PhD-level research project together with taught coursework. Building on the success of our existing centres, we have funded 44 new centres. The new centres will each take in around 10 students per year for five years starting in 2009.

Who got what

University of Bath
* Doctoral Training Centre in Sustainable Chemical Technologies
* Industrial Doctorate Centre in Digital Media, Special Effects and Animation

University of Birmingham
* Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and their Application
* Industrial Doctorate Centre in Formulation Engineering

University of Bristol
* A Holistic Doctoral Training Centre for Chemical Synthesis
* Advanced Composites Centre for Innovation & Science (ACCIS) DTC
* Doctoral Training Centre in Functional Nanomaterials
* Industrial Doctorate Centre in Systems

University of Cambridge
* Cambridge NanoScience through Engineering to Application Doctoral Training Centre: Assembly of Functional NanoMaterials and NanoDevices

Cranfield University
* Skills Technology, Research, & Management (STREAM): An Industrial Doctorate Centre for the UK Water Sector

Imperial College London
* Controlled Quantum Dynamics
* A Centre for Doctoral Training on the Theory & Simulation of Materials
* Science and Application of Plastic Electronic materials

Lancaster University
* The Digital Economy Innovation Centre

University of Leeds
* Technologies for a Low Carbon Future

Loughborough University
* Industrial Doctorate Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Construction Engineering

University of Manchester
* Nuclear Fission Research, Science &Technology Doctoral Training Centre
* NOWNANO: A North-west Nanoscience Doctoral Training Centre
* Industrial Doctorate Centre in Nuclear Engineering

University of Newcastle
* Industrial Doctorate in Biopharmaceutical Process Development

University of Nottingham
* Ubiquitous Computing for a Digital Economy
* Efficient Power from Fossil Energies and Carbon Capture Technologies

University of Oxford
* Biomedical Engineering at Translational Interface of NextGen Healthcare
* Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre
* Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science Industrial Doctoral Centre

Queen Mary University of London
* Doctoral Training Centre in Digital Music & Media for the Creative Economy

University of Reading
* Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments

University of Sheffield
 * Doctoral Training Centre in Advanced Metallic Systems - Challenges in Global Competitiveness
 * Sheffield Training in Interdisciplinary Energy Research: STIER

University of Southampton
* Industrial Doctorate Centre in Transport and the Environment
* A Doctoral Training Centre in Complex Systems Simulation
 * Doctoral Training Centre in Web Science

University of Surrey
* Industrial Doctorate Centre in Micro and Nano Materials and Technologies
* Industrial Doctorate Centre in Sustainability for Engineering and Energy Systems

University College London
* Industrial Doctoral Training Centre for Bioprocessing Engineering Leadership
* Doctoral Training Centre in Financial Computing
* Industrial Doctorate Centre: Molecular Modelling & Materials Science
* Industrial Doctorate Centre in Virtual Environments, Imaging and Visualisation
* Industrial Doctorate Centre in Urban Sustainability and Resilience
* Doctoral Training Centre in Photonic Systems Development
* Security Science Doctoral Training Centre at UCL

As well as the new centres there are already thriving centres for complexity science, the life sciences interface and Engineering Doctorate. We also fund doctoral training in universities through Doctoral Training Accounts.

Source: http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/PostgraduateTraining/Centres/NewCentres.htm

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